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A Heart to Live in Troubled Times was written out of the author's experiences in her life. The Holy Spirit gave her a special way to express the challenges she walked through. This book will encourage many to walk by faith in God's Word in troubled times.
-Christine Benson, missionary to the USA and Africa for over forty years

We have witnessed the challenges and the breakthroughs in Gloria's and her children's lives. This book journals her testimony and the God-inspired exhortation that has built her strength and resolve to stay the course no matter what the situation looked like. We have seen her use her gift over the years to empower many with a heart to stand, endure, fight, and live in troubled times.
-Ron and Louise Johnson, pastor and church planter

I just want to say that this book "A Heart to Live in Trouble Times" has been such a blessing and inspiration to me. While reading the book at different points and times I can literally sense the power of God in a tangible way. Truly, the burden removing yoke destroying power of God is present to save, to heal, to deliver and to set you free from anything that binds you, if you want to be free. I enjoyed all the chapters, but my favorite chapter was entitled "BEAUTY" because it really shows how people often times will judge you based upon your outward appearance rather than trying to see the inward beauty. In addition to that, I just Love, Love Love, the beautiful poems at the end of each chapter, because it just put the icing on the cake perfectly. In my opinion, this book "A Heart to Live in Trouble Times" should be in every book store, because we can all see ourselves in one way or the other in this book and it helps us to look deep into our hearts and ask the Good Lord to forgive us and help us to do better in our walk with Him and our walk toward others. God bless you Mrs. Gloria Carter and my prayer for you is that the Lord will continue to put the right people in your path to influence His purpose and plan for your life, and that everything you set your hands to do will continue to prosper and have good success. (Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:8 & Psalms 1:1-3) EXCELLENT BOOK, BUY IT NOW!

Power and strength when one chooses to walk with God.
"This book was awe inspiring. It shows how far an individual can fall and yet God will come to the rescue when you call on Him. Only He kept her from certain destruction. I absolutely loved this book. It brought me to tears and then to laughter. Ms. Carter's writing is definitely guided by the Holy Spirit. I look forward to her next writing.
-Cheryl, human resources coordinator

What a Blessing!
"Wow, what an amazing testimonial of the love and forgiveness of God. "A Heart to Live in Troubled Times" has taught me so much about myself...how to love unconditionally, to forgive myself, my children and others; to never be held captive by my past or future, and that there is nothing in life that I cannot overcome through Jesus. The combined true life experiences of the writer and poems of encouragement at the end of each story, is truly original and uplifting. You will be blessed, as I am!!! I purchased several copies for friends and family...the feedback is incredible. Thank God for this book!"

-Janis, Medical Staff Director

Highly recommended.
"A great mix of poetry and narrative expressing the healing and freedom that can be found in God, even through life's toughest challenges. The author is real and easy to relate to in sharing experiences from her own life. There's a story in here for everyone and an overall message of hope."

Emotional.....It Tugs at the Heart.
"When I asked Jesus to come into my life I was 8 years old. I always questioned whether or not God heard me when I prayed or if He even cared. Now at 39 years old, and after reading this book I know beyond a doubt that God not only hears you, but knows you and what you need. In this amazing book you will discover and experience God as not only your Heavenly Father, but your friend. Have you ever wondered if He knows about your heartbreak?....if He understands your struggles?...your addictions?....if you can really go to him just as you are?....spotted, flawed, mean, selfish?,....Yes you can....and this book will take you on a journey into the life of a woman whose faith was challenged and tested with every step she took. Just read how the Lord walked and talked with her through every test and trial. Experience how our Father, friend, and comforter gave her the strength to push through. Read the words spoken to her by the Holy Spirit....BUT PLEASE don't just read this book, experience it and let the Holy Spirit do the same for you."

Most Inspirational, Touching, and Heartfelt Book I've Ever Read!
"A Heart to Live in Troubled Times is the most inspirational book I've ever read. I have read many books and only a few have ever held my attention so much that I could not put it down--this is one of them! I highly recommend it to everyone. It will definitely be a blessing to whomever reads it."

"I was brought to tears as I was inspired by the stories of someone sharing love and hope through Jesus. I laughed when I read the story "Release your Children". It reminded me of myself. The stories and poems in this book will inspire you, make you cry (about God's faithfulness and grace), and in the end - inspire action toward a closer relationship with God and what He wants for our lives."


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