Message From The Author

Words given by the Holy Spirit are always relevant no matter when it was spoken

Our First Entry

Added De​cember 14, 2018

It is finished! It is finished! I paid the price. Now refuse to allow the devil to destroy your life. I bore in My own body your sickness and disease. Through faith in My name you must decide to believe. With boldness and confidence, declare and receive. I sacrificed My life. I shed My own blood. The wicked one can not touch you when you're abiding in faith and love. Whispering and back-biting, it's time to let it go! For too long you've allowed the enemy to overpower you and take control- over your attitude, your body, and your emotions too. Rise up now and take back everything the devil stole from you- your family, your finances, and your peace of mind. Those fiery trials you face in life, there are no words that can define; the glory of the Lord that shall be revealed in His own way and time. It is finished! It is finished! By My stripes you are healed. Take what you need by faith. No more settling by the way that you feel. It is finished! It is finished! The world will soon see. I'm coming in great power, splendor and majesty. My children will be caught up to heaven to spend all eternity with Me. Take to heart what I have said; Don't be left behind. The world is quickly passing away. Unbelievers you're running out of time.

John 19:30; I Thessalonians 4:16-18; 5:1-4;

Revelations 22:12-14, 20

Our Second Entry

Added December 14, 2018

You speak My word right out of your mouth; but in your heart there is fear, anxiety, and doubt. You say by My stripes you are healed; but in the next breath you begin to say, exactly how you feel. Double minded and unsure of what My word says; You put your trust in doctors, psychiatrist, and meds. When others are not around, you speak what is contrary to My word. You've never made a decision to act in faith on what you've heard. You question God the Father. You are angry and even blame Me; when it was you who could not believe, you would be made whole and free. It is you My precious ones who made the ultimate choice, to listen to the stranger's lying deceiving voice. Are your loved ones bound and lost? Are they sick or are they in pain? There is only one way to overcome, and that is through the power of My name. No more wondering, no more wavering or doubting what I have promised. Keep your eye on Me. I am faithful, just, and honest. Believe Me, trust Me, I will bring it to pass. I heard your cries the first time. Even before you asked.

James 1:6-8; II Corinthians 5:7

Our Third Entry

Added December 14, 2018

When your boss is unreasonable, disagreeable and unkind. Remember, God said there are consequences when a person comes against one of Mine. When your boss does all he can to attempt to bring you down; in the Lord is where your peace and joy can be found. When your boss overwhelms you with more work than you can possible do; Then say a prayer on their behalf and the Lord will turn it around for you.

Philippians 2:13-16

Our Fourth Entry

Added December 20, 2018

©Given to Michelle during prayer time

Be ready to meet Me at all times. I will come quickly and unexpectantly- like a thief in the night. Don't be caught in sin. If you are, you will be left behind. Sadly, many of My people will be left behind on that day. They will be thinking that they have plenty of time to get right before Me. They think that death and My coming are far, far away. They think they have time to enjoy sin a little while longer, to keep their bad attitudes a little while longer, to abuse and hurt others to feel superior a little while longer. "I can always repent later," they say, but this is not the truth. They are sadly mistaken. My coming can and will come unexpectantly and quickly and they will be left behind. Death can come unexpectantly and they can be lost. You can not love Me and sin at the same time. You must choose today, right now, whom you will love and serve- sin or Me. There is no in between. "Choose you this day whom you will serve" (Joshua 24:15) before it is too late. You are running out of time.

Revelations 22:12, 20; Matthew 6:24; Deuteronomy 30:19

Galatians 5:19-21; I Corinthians 6:9-10

Our Fifth Entry

Added December 31, 2018

Go and settle your differences. There is no more time to waste. Reconcile with your brother, before it is too late. Go and tell your sister you are sorry for the wrong you’ve done. Restore the hope and confidence she needs to overcome. Go and tell your father you’re not angry with him anymore. Allow your heart and arms to be open; he needs to be restored. Go and tell your mother you need her in your life. Disagreements and resentment, it’s time to bring them to the light. Cry together, embrace one another. It’s time to end the fight.

Go and tell your grandparents just how insensitive and naïve you were. Because of your rebellious lifestyle, their hopes and dreams have been deferred. Go and apologize to your son for not being a father to him. Give him time to build respect and trust in you again. Go and tell your daughter to forgive you for not being there. Growing up without a Mom and Dad has been agonizing and unfair. Ask her to give you a second chance to embrace her with love and care.

Wives go and tell your husbands you want the Lord to heal your pain. Come together before the Father and be delivered in Jesus Name. Go and tell your pastors you support their God-given vision. Make a quality decision not to take part in strife and division. Go and tell the lost and wounded that Christ is the open door. With Him there is peace and there is joy. They don’t have to hurt anymore. Then boldly come to the Throne of Grace and take your rightful place. Minister to the Lord your God until you see Him face to face.

Mark 11:25-26; Hebrews 4:16