A Heart To Live

In Troubled Times

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Down With - A Lesson Learned

A few years ago. I found myself eating a lot of junk food- potato chips, cookies, cakes, and soft drinks. Right in the middle of indulging in this junk food, The Lord asked, "what are you doing?" "Why are you putting what is unhealthy in your body?" He made it very clear to me that I can not believe for healing and continue to pollute my body with junk foods that will eventually lead to serious diseases. During this time the Lord spoke these words in my heart "Down With". According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary "Down With" in this context is used to say that one does not like something and wants it to stop or fail . There's nothing wrong with an occasional soft drink, a cookie, a piece of cake, or even a piece of candy. The problem is when you choose unhealthy eating and/or hold onto unhealthy negative emotions (bitterness, hatred, unforgiveness...) as a lifestyle; the consequences can be deadly.

11 x 17 Down With Poster

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This beautiful quality high gloss poster gives a larger view of the scenic background with words of encouragement.

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9 x 7 Down With Premium 

Mouse Pad

Price: $9.99

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This quality mouse pad with words of encouragement looks amazing!

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15 Oz Down With Mug

Price: $18.95

This quality mug with encouraging words will be a great addition to your morning routine. 

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